Henry Schein Orthodontics, Carlsbad, Calif, announced that its 4th Annual European Carriere® Symposium will take place September 20 to 22, 2018, in Paris.

The symposium will focus on the latest technologies and evidence-based treatment protocols. Attendees will have the opportunity to learn about SAGITTAL FIRST Philosophy, Carriere SLX 3D Complete Bracket System, and Carriere MOTION 3D Appliances. Speakers will present innovative concepts to help diagnose and establish treatment plans. They will share strategies for increased clinical efficiency, shorter treatment times, and achieving improved long-term results.

Keynote speaker and inventor of the Carriere Philosophy, Dr Luis Carriere will focus on evidence-based clinical solutions for the treatment of complex Class II and III cases. Program chairman Dr Dave Paquette, who is also Henry Schein Orthodontics’ lead clinical advisor, will present on “The Evolution of Self-Ligation,” while featured speaker Dr John Graham will talk about how SAGITTAL FIRST “will transform today’s orthodontic practice.”

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