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The Future of Orthodontics
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Dr. David PaquetteProgram Chairman
Considered one of our industry’s most innovative leaders, Dr. Paquette will share a new perspective on orthodontics and offer a roadmap to designing your future digital practice.
Dr. Luis CarrièreKeynote Speaker
As the inventor of Carriere® Motion™ Appliances and Carriere SLX™ Bracket System, Dr. Carrière will share the ultimate success formula. Learn how to correct Class II and III malocclusions at the beginning of treatment, providing unique efficiencies and resulting in
minimal extractions.

Featured Speakers

Dr. Sean Carlson
Learn from one of the top progressive leaders on 3D imaging technology. Dr. Carlson will teach you how to unlock the vault of digital diagnostics and incorporate a total-patient treatment approach.
Dr. Jep Paschal
Orthodontic practices are relying on digital applications to achieve new levels of clinical excellence. Dr. Paschal will share how digital intelligence can increase our clinical efficiencies, effectiveness, and patient satisfaction, and why we should pay attention in this progressive era.
Dr. Francesco Garino
Dr. Garino will show you how to use the Motion Appliance as a breakthrough treatment strategy to correct challenging Class II Aligner cases. Achieving a Class I platform before starting with aligners drastically reduces the number of aligners requires and thus the total treatment time.
Dr. Thomas Shipley
Dr. Shipley is charting new territory with his recent study using CBCT to validate how the Carriere Motion Class II Appliance repositions the mandible and expands the airway. His extraordinary results will challenge the way you view Class II malocclusions.
Dr. Anil Idiculla
Known as a rebel, Dr. Idiculla challenges the status quo and traditional thinking. Learn how to align core philanthropic values within your practice and develop an unforgettable orthodontic experience.

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