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Dr. Luis CarrièreProgram Chairman
Evidence-Based Clinical Solutions for the Treatment of Complex Class II and III Cases. Dr. Carrière will review the treatment protocol for the corrections of complex Class II and Class III patients. He will also show how the SAGITTAL FIRST philosophy benefits mixed dentition cases.
Dr. John GrahamCo-Keynote Speaker
SAGITTAL FIRST: Transforming Today’s Orthodontic Practice. Correcting the Class II or Class III malocclusion at the beginning of treatment, when patients are most compliant, provides greater efficiencies, shorter treatment times, and long-term aesthetics.
Dr. David PaquetteCo-Keynote Speaker
SAGITTAL FIRST Treatment Approach Explained: This is a deep dive into the SAGITTAL FIRST philosophy, explaining all the benefits it generates. From Same Day Start, to providing greater choices to patient and clinician, while delivering outstanding results, on time and every time.
Dr. Ana Maria Cantor
Complex Class II and III Cases, without Extraction Simplified.
Dr. Peri Colino Gallardo
The Motion 3D Appliance: How it Changed My Practice. As orthodontists we want to deliver quality results, asthetics and beautiful occlusions! Sagittal first orthodontics combined can open the door to practice growth and outstanding treatment outcomes.
Dr. Francesco Garino
Aligner Therapy Simplified: Fewer Trays, Less Time, Better Results. This lecture will show how to treat Class II malocclusions with aligners in an efficient and effective way with a game changing device, the MOTION 3D appliance.
Dr. Antonio Guiducci
SAGITTAL FIRST with Passive Self-Ligation: Transforming Today’s Orthodontic Practice.
Dr. Glenn Krieger
Increased Case Acceptance, Amazing Clinical Images, and Lower Stress. What’s the secret to increased case acceptance and engaged patients who become raving fans for your practice? In this presentation, you’ll learn simple tips to capture world-class images and an easy, revolutionary way to present care for better case acceptance. Best of all, you can start doing it on Monday.
Dr. Jep Paschal
SAGITTAL FIRST Treatment Approach Explained.
Dr. Olivier Setbon
The Benefits of Achieving a Class I Platform in Mixed Dentition.
Dr. Norihide Tsubura
Shifting The Way We Approach Complex Cases, By Turning Them Into Simple Cases. This lecture is about the advantages of using MOTION 3D Appliances in a busy practice. This presentation will showcase impressive clinical results and will demonstrate the benefits of achieving a Class I platform at the very beginning of treatment.

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